Hey! I'm So Glad You're Here!

I'm Louize, AKA 'One Little Warrior'. Born and raised in the south-east of England, now living in the sunny (well, mostly windy & rainy) south-west. I like uncovering truths and sharing my discoveries. I feel compelled to write on a wide range of topics but my interests lie mostly with health, society and spirituality. I'm 'mum' to a young daughter and would really like her to grow up in (and contribute to) a fair, balanced and truthful world - a world where we all have access to honest information & resources, and are free to express ourselves, connect and create...

So much has been kept from us, for so long - our origins,  (true) history and the power that we each have within us... We have been pitched and pitted against each other and made to feel that we are not good enough if we don't fit neatly into a conventional, socially-acceptable box. We are not all the same, and therein lies the beauty. We have been distracted & denatured by fake news, consumerism, the daily grind, toxic food, vacuous celebrities, dishonest politicians, ridiculous TV shows, and all manner of other rubbish. 


Let's rise up, reclaim our sovereignty, and bring forth our offerings to this changing world. We are all warriors and can each take little steps each day to create the future we deserve. Together!