George Orwell

"Under the spreading chestnut tree, I sold you and you sold me: there lie they, and here lie we, under the spreading chestnut tree."

Orwell's 1949 novel was a harsh vision of a dystopian future. One that seems eerily familiar...

For those who have not yet read this classic, what are you waiting for?

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The Dharma Life Podcast

Aloise Surfleet-Middleton

Aloise is a transformational leader who spreads wisdom and light via her informative podcasts. Each week, she interviews another inspiring soul in her own unique style...

Aloise also runs a life-coaching programme - The Dharma Life Academy - where she encourages others to bust through their blocks and negative beliefs to become the highest version of themselves. She is one awesome and inspiring lady! 


The Trance-formation of America

Cathy O'Brien

Cathy was abused as a child by her father, who then enabled her further abuse at the hands of high-ranking government officials. 

Under the control of a three-letter government agency, Cathy was used as an asset without her conscious knowledge. She was saved by a whistleblower many years later and embarked on a lengthy deprogramming scheduleShe now helps other survivors.


Black mirror

Charlie Brooker

Satirist Charlie Brooker hit the nail on the head when he created this future tech dystopia series. The 'Black Mirror' in question is the screen we stare at on a regular basis - phone, tablet, computer...

Brooker imagines various unpleasant scenarios in an AI dominated world, heavily based on its integration into society and people's dependence on devices. 

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lost connections

Johann Hari

Johann Hari is a writer and speaker with a special interest in social and political sciences. In this book he discusses an alternative view of depression - a topic very close to him, as he suffered for years with his mental health. 

Lost Connections took Hari on a journey around the world, where he met with experts to talk about their views on this pandemic issue. Unsurprisingly, the biggest takeaway is that we have lost our connections with society.


freaksense TV

Charlie Freak & Colleen

Together with his wife, Colleen, truth-seeker Charlie delivers spiritual gnosis and real-time coverage of topical events in his epic podcasts and live streams.

A music man, Charlie has also written books exploring the themes of many important rock albums - digesting and explaining the spiritual messages contained in these cultural gems.

Charlie and Colleen run an animal sanctuary where they care for an ever-expanding menagerie. What's not to love about these two!

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The Light

A Truthpaper

Founded in August 2020, with its first issue in September, the Light promises to be a beacon of truth in these dark times of misinformation. 

Each article is thoroughly researched and written by citizen journalists, keen to 'reclaim our rights' and expose the corruption, fraud and lies touted by governments, big business and the mainstream media.


Good vibrations podcast

Mark Devlin

Mark Devlin is a DJ, music journalist and author. His first two books, Musical Truth - volumes I&II, aim to reveal the dark forces at work behind the music industry, shaping and corrupting our youth.

The Good Vibrations podcast is an extension of Mark's truth-seeking output, where he interviews guests, broadening the reach of his own voice. Recent podcasts focus on the current spiritual awakening and the corporate agenda behind the events of 2020.


Fall Cabal

Janet Ossebaard

This 10-part documentary is a real eye-opener and provides many rabbit holes for further research, if you are brave and open-minded enough to delve deeper. Be warned: there is some dark and heavy information in here.

This information may be new to you, in which case you may sit there with your mouth open in disbelief. It may also confirm what you already suspected or supplement existing knowledge. The sequel is out now but is being released in parts (currently at part 5).

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