• Louize Small

Grand Jury Investigates Crimes Against Humanity

The state corporation are stripping our rights with alarming pace and it is becoming increasingly apparent that we cannot rely on the government, police, or courts to protect our interests or administer justice.

In December 2021, a case lodged with the Metropolitan Police made numerous evidence-backed allegations of criminality in relation to the U.K.’s covid vaccine program but the Met recently announced that initial assessments found no evidence of an offence.

This is a stark reminder that nobody is coming to save us — we must do it for ourselves. We can reinstate our sovereign power with knowledge of our unalienable rights and appropriate peaceful action but we must do this as a matter of urgency.

Taking the lead is the People’s Court of Public Opinion– a collective of 11 international lawyers and a judge, who, unable to find a court to hear evidence of crimes against humanity, are conducting their own investigation modelled on United States Grand Jury proceedings. It is an investigation of the people, by the people, for the people, and has already held lengthy hearings to showcase evidence of covid-related crimes levied on the world by leaders and their accomplices.

The PCPO seek to empower public conscience through Natural Law– that is, the unalienable rights given to every human being at birth. These rights existed before the creation of the state and cannot be removed by legislation.

Natural Law confers legitimacy to the people to defend fundamental rights and freedoms if their state has become tyrannical. It is now clear that the failure of justice systems to protect people from tyranny has taken hold.

It is our duty to future generations to resist oppression and tyranny.

The aims of the PCPO include raising awareness of the impending collapse of hijacked systems and the actions that people can take to reclaim their power and build new organisations of education, health care, economics, and justice.

We, the people, are to be the jury in this groundbreaking case, which is supported by a large collective of respected scientists, economists, and medical experts worldwide.

It is alleged that world governments have come under the controlling influence of corrupt and criminal power structures. There is extensive evidence of collusion to stage a false pandemic driven by untruthful statements, unfit-for-purpose PCR tests, and socially engineered fear programming through the corporate media.

Expert witnesses have given a complete and clear picture of the history and geopolitical backdrop of the current situation and what we are now facing.

Attorney at Law, Reiner Fuellmich, stated that our governments are not our governments anymore; they have been infiltrated by the World Economic Forum through the Young Leaders program, which began in 1992 and spawned Bill Gates, Angela Merkel, Justin Trudeau, and Jacinda Arden.

We are experiencing a controlled demolition of completely looted financial systems and simultaneous introduction of a digital currency — issued by a one world bank — and the introduction of a world government, under the UN, which came under their control in 2019.

James Bush, formerly of the U.S. military, explained how plans for a pseudo-pandemic began with Operation Dark Winter in 2001, followed by Rockefeller’s Lockstep exercise in 2010, and Event 201 in 2019. These were rehearsals for the current plandemic. Bush was involved in Operation Dark Winter and has provided details of its objectives and methods.

The end goal has always been a mass vaccination program; though this failed with previous attempts at a worldwide pandemic, it has succeeded this time, leaving a colossal, ever-growing tide of lethal harm and injury in its wake.

When asked whether he thought the harms were intentional, Mike Yeadon, former Vice President at Pfizer said, “It appears that manufacturers deliberately used the same, most inappropriate part of the virus in their vaccines.”

U.S. Attorney at Law, Ana Garner, says we are at a critical stage in humanity, which will depend on the awakening of all people to reverse a course, which could forever alter the way we live as free humans. Fuellmich believes a 5-10% critical mass is all we need.

The hearings will be summarised and replayed during a two-week break. Closing arguments will take place on the 12th of March and the jury will then vote on whether indictments will be brought against the six putative defendants: Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, Christian Drosten, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Pfizer, and BlackRock.

All 26+ hours of hearings are available to watch online, where you can sign up to become a supporter.


This article is published in Issue 19 of The Light paper.