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Senior NHS Manager Speaks Out

A senior NHS manager who had read one of my articles in The Light paper contacted me a year ago to blow the whistle. I checked his credentials and he seemed genuine. We spoke for about 6 hours over the course of a few weeks and covered a vast amount of ground.

I emailed him one evening seeking clarity on a lead he had given me. I had made an alarming connection and put my theory to him. His behaviour became very strange and we never spoke again; this left me questioning his position and motive for contacting me but he had an interesting perspective and I believe it should be heard more widely…

I haven’t put it together as a polished interview; I’ve just transcribed his words.

Judge for yourself and draw your own conclusions. I’ll leave my thoughts out of it.

He was initially happy to go public but we didn’t get that far so I’m not sharing his name…

He told me to look into 4 companies — Serco, G4S, Civica and Sodexo — because they ‘run the NHS’. It’s already private…

“Both the NHS and the pandemic are private. Look at the system architecture around this pandemic – the systems and procedures that have been rapidly put into place: you’re talking 50-60 billion in contract expenditure. PPE, tests, test and trace/track and trace, the vaccine... Look at the contract values in the UK for PPE, vaccines, tests, etc.

GP fundholding is how GPs get their money, find out how it works - the incentives... There is no money in some areas for GPs. Not amountsof money, incentives– key performance indicators – there are always ‘perverse incentives’. People who need the most help get the least because they don’t meet the targets. People who are most likely to meet the targets get the help. The whole NHS runs on perverse incentives. The vaccine is the biggest perverse incentive in history.

NHS England is intolerable, poisonous. It’s the machine-like nature of the work… Team meetings – staff are disconnected, burnt-out.

Career senior managers just move about from post to post. I was supposed to be introduced to the new suicide prevention officer for (area) – she didn’t take the job. Current SPO said ‘great, now I’ve got two jobs’. People don’t even do anything. It’s an industrial waste of money. Three members of staff took their lives. The Suicide Prevention Officer had to do a report. He said he’d send it to me as I’m the (job title).

It is concocted and constructed waste to enrich people. It is constructed to filter money out of the system: data and numbers; action tracking reports; productivity measures; key performance indicators — an industrial waste of time, energy and good will.

The NHS is private – it’s run as a private company. It goes back to Blair - he paved the way…

It’s a private company, completely unethical. I don’t want to collude in perpetuating an unethical false construct for healthcare in England because it’s enriching a small group of people. The National Health Service is enriching the company directors of Civica and Sodexo to an extraordinary degree. Serco, G4S, they’re all in the same game. Look at the contracts – the amount of prisons they’re in in America. The amount of hospitals they’re in in the UK: absolutely extraordinary.

Care is run for profit. Medicine is failed prevention. We don’t do the upstream work to prevent ourselves and each other from becoming ill because that’s not the code; that’s not the programme. The programme is to create mass disease and then to create mass interventions for that disease. Keep us in our place: we’re not meant to be healthy and flourishing and have ideas of our own - that’s not the paradigm.

Look into the Freemasons – it’s all about male ritual and supremacy. Look into the Chipping Norton set and John Bell (Oxford) and his connections to the Galton Institute (formerly the British Eugenics Society, now The Adelphi Genetics Forum).

National health is/should be a public service – as is social work, youth work, education, blue light services. It is one of the five pillars of the welfare state… The NHS was born out of the awareness that ill health is one of the five ills(Beveridge Report, November 1942): want, disease, ignorance, squalor and idleness.

The general population will thrive and do better when there are consistent high-quality services in these areas. It is run on taxation – we pay public servants to look after us.

We used to have family doctors and we knew them by name – they would come to your house at important times, mostly centred around birth and death. GPs are now fundholders. They should be paid by the state. Look up the Lansley Report – Health & Social Care Act 2012 – controversial NHS reforms whereby doctors took over commissioning of local services from Primary Care Trusts.

GPs are holding funds and they have practice managers, budget holders, and are incentivised to generate income, rather than to be paid to provide a service. There are all sorts of incentives – for example: vaccinations and getting more people onto diabetic medication.

There shouldn’t be a financial incentive. Disease care is incentivised by money. It should be on a needs basis. You hear about people being pre-diabetic, well that’s just an invention to get us all to take more drugs and keep us on the hook. They’re preparing you to take drugs. My auntie has been pre-diabetic for years and now because she’s eaten a load of rubbish over Christmas because she’s been lonely, her blood sugars have been all over the place and they’re saying she needs to start on medication – she doesn’t, she just needs to start eating the right foods.

In the public mind, people don’t even know what NHS England is. It is a concocted private company to enrich a small number of wealthy individuals – notionally to manage the whole of the NHS. It’s a capitalist construct.

Take Michael Stoddard and Civica - the contracts they have with NHS England. It’s privatisation in public services; academisation in education… What Chris Grayling has done to the prison service – probation services: American companies providing probation services…

Because the probation service had become such a shambles the system lost about 300 very serious sex offenders. An investigative journalist tracked one of them down and found him in Ukraine masquerading as a priest, in a basement with a couple of kids.

The amount of doctors that are killing themselves within the NHS – the whole thing has gone to sh*t and is being destroyed. There’s a relationship between the story of privatisation and the story of epic failings of care. Most famously Mid-Staffordshire Hospital and the Francis Report; Shrewsbury Hospital and their extraordinary failings in the maternity unit.

Mid-Staffordshire hospital: Julie Ward, whistleblower.

Great Ormond Street…

NHS Trusts – most are what is called ‘Foundation Trusts’ – they incur certain benefits. Mid-Staffordshire’s board were so obsessed with becoming a Foundation Trust that they dropped the ball in terms of patient care. Foundation Trusts provide all primary and secondary care – GPs, hospital and community services. Care is being commodified in an extraordinary way – our bodies and our minds are being completely commodified. Every drug, every interaction has a cost attached to it.

NHS England is completely separate to the NHS. It’s called an arms-length body. It’s a waste of time and energy and it does no good. Most people at NHS England spend their lives pressuring NHS trusts to deliver on their targets. As a result of that pressure, the targets are met, but all the figures are gamed. You can’t suddenly provide much better cancer care or you can’t suddenly prevent the amounts of people taking anti-psychotic medication on inpatient wards because these are very deep, systemic challenges. The system is gamed the whole time and all the figures are invented by stressed out people who are trying to get NHS England off their back.

It’s a devolved administration. It’s only because of the Tories and the Freemasons that we’ve got NHS England. It’s an industrial waste of money and it’s enriching Michael Stoddard (Civica) and his mates.

Sir Simon Stevens, the CEO of NHS England - his previous job was that he was the MD of United Health Care in America – one of the largest private health care companies in America.

These people have been ingratiating themselves for generations – enriching themselves and each other.

It’s all about ownership –who owns what in this world: it’s the business owners and the wealthy industrialists and landowners.

We should call-out the owners – the Bonham-Carters, the Soames’s, the Rees-Moggs… Maybe that’s the story and what it trickles down to – when you go and get your vaccine, you’re putting money into the pockets of these families.

There are simple, direct linkages but we can’t make the connections because the consciousness is too low – we’ve stooped to their level. We haven’t been penetrating enough in our analysis yet.

The conditions I want to create are local protests outside these people’s houses; following them down the street. We need to raise awareness about who these people are. We need to call it out. These people have been dividing us for centuries.

The NHS shouldn’t be run for profit. Any money left over should go back into the taxation system.

The government should be running the NHS, not private companies. It should be a state-owned public service because it’s about our health – nobody should be enriched by our need for high-quality healthcare. Our bodies and our minds should not be commodified. It’s a public good to keep us well and healthy. It’s a public service so why are people making profit from it? Why are people profiting from our need for healthcare?

Many, many, many people die because it is run for profit. They’re given drugs they don’t need by doctors that don’t care.

GP Fundholding– introduced 1991-1998? (end of Thatcher’s term): turns doctors’ surgeries into small businesses (private). They need to manage and optimise complicated income streams. Flu jabs, cervical screenings (for a relatively rare cancer). People are unable to get through on the phone – receptionists with no medical experience ‘triaging’ patients who are waiting 10-14 days for an appointment.

GPs are cherry-picking revenue streams – this leads to a lack of care and a lack of patient satisfaction. There are local and regional variations in health service provision (postcode lottery) and people find themselves denied access to services and treatments that are available to their friends and relatives elsewhere in the country.

‘Cinderella Services’ – are underfunded and poorly managed with a bleak outlook for the future. These services are low-priority and last in line when it comes to funding, presumably because they are not profitable. CAMHS is particularly worrying with a long waiting list, causing children to become more unwell, with many being treated as emergencies and having to be treated many miles from home.

800,000 children in England are living with mental health difficulties and that number is growing all the time with waiting lists getting longer and the issues remaining unresolved.”

Cinderella services include: -

- Mental Health


- Diagnostics

- Social Care

- Domiciliary Care

- Dementia & Elderly Care

© Louize Small, February 2021