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The Government Own Your Children...

A mum who sought other treatment options for her daughter's condition, after waiting months with no help, is being hounded by her local council, police and NHS for disengaging with medical treatment...

Last year, Lisa’s teenage daughter was due to have spinal surgery for scoliosis but due to the ‘pandemic’, the operation was delayed and the child’s health was neglected by the NHS, who were supposed to provide a corrective brace, but didn’t, and also failed to offer any helpful information or practical advice on how to manage her condition.

Lisa had contacted her GP in November 2019 about a suspected curvature in her daughter’s spine and waited four months for an appointment with a specialist, who confirmed a diagnosis of scoliosis but offered no further help or recommendations beyond a referral to a local hospital. After many frustrating months waiting for a state-sponsored response to her child’s complaint, the mum phoned the consultant’s secretary and was informed that services were ‘massively delayed’ due to Covid-19 restrictions and that it would be ‘some time’ before the appointment.

The mother and daughter were eventually seen in July 2020 and were told that not only had the curvature increased, it was now too far gone for a brace to be effective. They were given a sheet of exercises to do at home but they were for post-surgical convalescence and could have been damaging for a pre-operative patient. At this point, the NHS insisted that the only possible course of action was surgery and advised that the waiting list was very long.

Further diagnostic appointments to prepare for surgery were scheduled for December 2020 but postponed twice, during which time Lisa began to search for other options. It was then that she discovered a whole host of alternative treatment choices and pages of advice that had not been forthcoming from the NHS. She also learned about the frightening risks of surgery and found that braces can be custom-made privately.

Lisa spent many hours seeking to understand scoliosis and built links with others who were doing the same; they shared information and treatment protocols and discussed what had worked for others and what hadn’t. The mum learned a great deal and found multiple, natural ways of improving her daughter’s health.

After some initial degeneration following postponement of treatment, the teenager’s condition noticeably improved with daily exercises and simple lifestyle adjustments. She is much happier and more hopeful for the future. Mother and daughter are both confident they can manage without risky surgery and have declined the operation for now but the NHS aren’t happy about it…

Last week there was a knock at her door. Three officers had come to interview Lisa. The police, the NHS and Social Services had dispatched a team to her house to investigate potential child neglect because the pair had ‘disengaged with medical treatment’.

The gang stood frostily on the doorstep for the best part of two hours while mum explained the situation and the steps she had taken to help her daughter. She suggested it was a case of sour grapes from the surgeon because it meant he wouldn’t get paid (the complaint was raised by the surgeon, whose work has significantly reduced this last year).

The bewildered parent has now been ‘invited’ to a ‘child protection conference’ with what sounds like a pack of wolves, ranging from council workers and NHS staff to police, the school nurse, a social worker, three managers, a safeguarding nurse, a paediatrician, two probation workers, a GP, someone else, and her, all alone. Nobody is allowed to go with her for support.

It is disgusting and outrageous.

The NHS is not the be-all and end-all of healthcare. Plenty of people go for private treatment all the time and have done for generations. What business is it of the NHS, the police or the council?

Who is telling us we can’t choose or own care options?

I get it, it’s because she is a child… The state are alleging that because the mother has said her child won’t have the operation, someone, somewhere thinks it is a neglectful choice. How on earth do they come to that conclusion?

So Lisa will now have to sit in front of a panel of professionals and argue her case for why she knows what’s best for her child.

The 14 year-old doesn’t want the operation. She is not in pain or suffering in any way. Mother and daughter have researched all the options together, thoroughly. This is their decision for now. They say things may change if the child’s health deteriorates and they are keeping all avenues open.

This is not neglect. This is what every parent should do. It’s called weighing it up and charting the risks against the benefits. Why should the child not be allowed a say about what happens to her body? Why is the parent not ‘allowed’ to make an authoritative, informed choice on behalf of (and in consultation with) her daughter?

In what world do we accept governments and corporations having jurisdiction over our children’s bodies like this?

‘They’ always have the big guns to pull out. Like how they bring a dozen experts to a meeting but won’t allow you to bring (or you can’t afford to summon) your own. It’s hardly fair.

How dare they intimidate us like this?!

Perhaps that’s just what it is: a scare tactic. Perhaps they’ll back off once they see how devoted Lisa is to her child’s health. All the evidence is there, neatly arranged in a nice folder…

The mum is currently gathering funds to secure a private appointment for her daughter as this seems to be the only way to ward off the baying mob.

How absurd that this is life in the 21st Century.

Anyone wishing to contribute to the teenager’s wellness fund should go to: 'Eleanor’s Non-Surgical Scoliosis Treatment'.

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