• Louize Small

The Medicalisation of Society

The people have become lab rats for fat cats and a contrived public health emergency provided the perfect opportunity to normalise, increase, and reformat profit-driven medical experimentation, data collection, and surveillance.

Under the cover of covid, Oxford epidemiologist Martin Landray developed a new low-cost rapid research model using hospital patients as cheap, ready-made test subjects for his prototype RECOVERY trial. The study was co-opted by health authorities worldwide and the research model has been rolled out under the PROTAS non-profit banner for further studies on a whole range of illnesses.

This novel approach dumps expensive traditional research methods and uses frontline healthcare workers to administer drugs, collect data, and monitor effects on readily available NHS patients; it adds another dimension to the planned sacking of ‘refusenik’ staff and poses the question of whether jab coercion is really about health protection or merely an exercise to weed out the ones who won’t quietly follow orders.

Martin Landray is also the deputy director of Big Data Institute, part of Oxford Population Health, which carries out research by running huge amounts of complex data sets through computers until it finds something of use. BDI helped the government develop track and trace technology in 2020 and has unlimited access to around 50 million NHS patient records.

PROTAS board member Rory Collins is the principal investigator at UK Biobank, a gigantic biomedical database that holds genetic and lifestyle information on 500,000 volunteers. Only approved researchers can examine the data to spot trends and sculpt commercial narratives for drug manufacturers. They say such large-scale detailed information will help scientists understand why some people develop disease while others don’t, which sounds noble, but could there be an ulterior motive?

The Wellcome Sanger Institute and deCODE Genetics have already carried out whole genome sequencing on 200,000 volunteers. The data are now available to researchers through UK Biobank, which boasts prominent Oxford geneticist John Bell as a board member. Bell has numerous biotech involvements and sits on the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; he once told Channel 4’s Jon Snow that covid vaccines were, “unlikely to completely sterilise the population,” and though his comment was dismissed as a gaffe, it’s odd that close associate Gates has also spoken candidly about reducing the population through vaccination programmes.

The long-developed strategy to medicate the world is in full flow: carcinogenic cancer treatments, fat-stripping statins, brain damaging anti-depressants, and synthetic hormones have become the norm, and poisoning ourselves in pursuit of health is widely accepted and encouraged thanks to hugely successful medical-scientific propaganda. Pfizer and Moderna mRNA technology was kick-started with funding from DARPA in 2013 and the race is on to liberate us from our biological constraints with precision medicine, biotech vaccines, and targeted gene therapy.

Julian Huxley, brother of philosopher Aldous, said back in 1957 that gene editing as a eugenics science needed to be applied along with efforts to merge humans with machines in order to create a new human being. Transhumanist organisations such as the Extropy Institute and Humanity+ have taken him at his word as they seek to make the unthinkable thinkable. The Extropy Institute has links with the United Nations and UNICEF; it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who their test subjects might be…

The obsessive focus on disease should not be mistaken for virtuous commitment to health. Pharmaceutical medicine is itself a leading cause of death and chronic illness but that inconvenient truth gets skilfully buried along with the known harms of industrial poisons, which are routinely dumped in our soils and seas. We don’t hear how toxic environmental factors can switch genes on and off; instead we’re convinced with military force that fiddling with our DNA is the way forward.

We know that illness doesn’t only occur on a physical level; it happens mentally and emotionally, too. There are currently 800,000 children on UK mental health waiting lists — some for up to three years — who desperately need support: will their solution be experimental gene therapy rather than compassionate care? Will prescription drugs and biotech vaccines help people to love themselves and make healthier choices? Will they mitigate the harmful effects of EMF pollution on the body’s bioelectrical field and replenish nutrient-depleted soil?

There are already plenty of non-toxic, non-invasive ways for us to heal safely and effectively but they aren’t taught in medical schools because they can’t be patented and therefore are not profitable for investors. Cures are suppressed and outlawed; true causes of illness are covered up. Inflammation is a major factor in disease that can be reversed with simple lifestyle changes. Education, empowerment, and enablement would go a long way to improve health, but health is not the real motive.

Supporters of the latest wave of intrusive investigation and experimentation justify its means with the ‘rising health burden’ but it appears that the ultimate goal is to find more reasons to mess with nature and tinker with our genes — and that can only be achieved by persuading people that it’s necessary in the first place.

If the last two years have taught us anything about our public healthcare system it’s that the medical mafia reign supreme and their greed and wily agendas will always take priority over the needs and care of poorly patients.

The government has shown it can't be trusted to protect our interests. Our minds and bodies have been sold to medical science and self-serving drug cartels have been allowed to dictate public policy for far too long.

It’s time for us to take back the reins and reject the dangerously dysfunctional control systems that have been created for us. We don't need fat cats and compromised leaders to tell us what to do; we need the knowledge and freedom to figure it out for ourselves without interference from the state.

Medical research is not always presented truthfully. For greater insight into how drug trials are conducted and manipulated read Doctoring Data by Malcolm Kendrick or Dirty Medicine by Martin J Walker.

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