• Louize Small

We Need to Talk About Contagion...

Contagion is just a theory.

At a conference discussing lockdowns in July, diagnostic pathologist Dr Clare Craig boldly confessed that transmission of respiratory illnesses is not yet fully understood.

Could it be that transmission of all viruses is not fully understood?

Could it be that viruses are not well understood?

Germ Theory, the pervasive notion that external pathogens cause illness, has only ever been proven by means of variolation (intentional invasive introduction of diseased matter) or injection – both of which are unnatural and forced.

Airborne transmission has never been proven but has, on many occasions, been disproven. The onus of proof lies with the person making the claim. If there is no proof, there is no claim…

Current prevailing theory works on the premise that external pathogens are everywhere in the air like militant invisible bio-drones waiting to invade our bodies, latch onto our cells and cause us harm.

It’s an interesting theory that scares people, affects their immunity and makes them more susceptible to illness.

A fascinating example of fear-induced illness is the story of two men who were bitten by the same dog in France in 1853: one died from apparent rabid hydrophobia within a month but before this the other young man had set sail for America completely unaware of his pal’s fate. The man lived a healthy symptom-free life for fifteen years until he returned to France in 1868 and learned of the tragedy. He then developed symptoms of hydrophobia and was dead within three weeks…

This is called the nocebo effect - the lesser-known opposite of the more commonly known placebo effect, where people become ill or well depending on their beliefs.

A different, less popular theory that has actually been observed and proven is that viruses and bacteria are already present (though inactive) in the body and are a natural part of our biological defence mechanisms. We know that beneficial bacteria colonise the gut to assist digestion, absorption of nutrients and immunity; could viruses function in a similar way? Are the little guys just helping us out?

Viruses and bacteria have been painted as the enemy but what if they’re just doing the very necessary job of ridding the body of toxins and waste?

What if treating symptoms with medicine interrupts and re-routes a vital process of cleansing and restoration of health?

We celebrate allopathic (pharmaceutical) treatments because the outward symptoms of disease disappear but if we suppress a natural healing process are we not storing up trouble for another day?

If so-called pathogens are already in the body then why are we not all already dead? Because we live symbiotically with them, that’s why. We need them and they need us.

It is the state of the body that plays a key role in determining health or disease, not the presence of pathogens as we have been led to believe.

Viruses and bacteria play their part in cleaning up unhealthy tissue and cell debris. Once the disease is gone, the viruses and bacteria are redundant and inert. How do they then have relevance to anybody else's health or sickness?

Are these ‘pathogens’ present and active because the body is already ill, rather than being causative agents?

In their article, ‘Contagion and Infection – Deceptive Appearances’, dedicated health researchers Dawn Lester and David Parker tell us:

“The most common question people ask when confronted for the first time with the information that ‘germs’ are not the cause of disease is: If it isn’t a germ, then what is it? This question is clearly based on the idea that there is a single identifiable causal agent for each disease; but it is an erroneous idea.”

There is no evidence that any disease is infectious or contagious.

Health of the vessel is paramount and all that requires is some basic knowledge and simple supplies/actions: clean air and water, nourishing food; grounding, resting and recharging (because of our bio-electrical nature); following your passions, playing and being creative; being of service, loving unconditionally and building a functional, supportive community.

True health lies beyond the physical but health authorities and the public, despite large amounts of evidence, continue to ignore this.

Mental, emotional, and spiritual health are habitually neglected – by ourselves, and by those in positions of power and influence.

The decision-makers of the world will always favour money over wellbeing because a population of disempowered, depressed, anxious debt-slaves makes a much better proposition for a conglomerate of greedy, selfish controllers than a nation of balanced, nourished, happy humans.

The daily grind, the rat-race, the tiredness, the food on the go, the slob in front of the TV with a glass of alcohol and junk food; the endless stream of mindless, diverting entertainment; the stumbling into bed and waking up to do it all again in the morning because you have to pay your bills, maintain consumer habits and keep yourself out of debt all feed into our destructive denaturalisation and perpetuate our enslavement.

We are, on the whole, microwave meal cut-and-paste humans without even knowing it; such is the nature of the deception and distraction…

Half of us don’t even know who we are or what we’re here to do. We’re empty husk automatons totally unaware of the beauty and potential of life and totally unaware of the beauty and potential within ourselves.

We have been hypnotised and brainwashed for generations to believe that we are not good enough yet assume that everybody else is perfect. Social media has a lot to answer for but we could do with intentionally retraining our thoughts to construct much more favourable self-images.

We have been through factory farm education systems that taught us to conform and sought to extinguish rogue flames of individuality; afraid to be ourselves through fear of others’ judgement yet our own harshest critics.

We are an overlord’s dream!

But the veil is lifting…

We are here to awaken truth, to see out the old and welcome (and create) the new by sharing our skills and resources and building each other up in whichever ways we can.

We have infinite power within us! Let’s work on harnessing it!

Our hearts, minds and souls must remember the journey we are on.

Did we really come from apes and become cavemen, slayers and citizens, or is there another, far more incredible and compelling missing link (or links) in our evolution?

We are much more than our current physical bodies and I believe that humanity used to be far more intelligent, at one with nature, and supernatural than mainstream history and pseudoscience would have us believe.

We know we’ve been lied to and we know that we know very little real truth but there are people out there who do know everything and they hide that truth from us in every conceivable way because with knowledge comes power - they want it all for themselves so they can crack the whip and keep us under their control in our tiny fear prisons.

But we’ll find our way to the truth and use it to enable and empower our evolution.

On our own terms.

© Louize Small, December 2021