• Louize Small

Will We Ever Know the Truth?

As the twentieth anniversary of 9/11 approaches and we reminisce about the events of that fateful day, we are reminded that the real truth about who was behind the destruction of the Twin Towers, and why, has never really come to light. The official narrative was constructed suspiciously quickly and the public mostly swallowed it hook, line and sinker. Over the years there have been many alternative theories, some complete with compelling evidence, to suggest that the truth is far more sinister than originally claimed.

The current covid ‘crisis’ is following the same path and some might say that we are being deliberately confused and baffled to throw off us the scent and to keep us arguing about what’s really going on instead of focusing our energies on more constructive pursuits. Rather than settling on what we know to be true and getting on with our lives in loving and meaningful ways, we argue about the finer points, who may or may not be ‘controlled opposition’ and whether or not we should ‘trust the plan’.

The main question is whether or not there is a virus at all. With the recent mainstream revelations about Anthony Fauci and the pushing of the ‘lab leak’ I feel we are being misled once again with a smoke and mirrors campaign – see also Dominic Cummings’ recent public disclosures about Johnson, Hancock, et al. It’s all planned and sophisticated sleight of hand aimed to distract and preoccupy.

My research has led me to believe that natural viruses (exosomes) come from within and that viral illness is a harmless purge of accumulated toxins initiated by the body itself in order to heal and restore health. For further information on the true causes of disease, see the work of Andrew Kaufman, Thomas Cowan, Sherri Tenpenny, Dawn Lester & David Parker (to name a few).

It could be true that the virus was leaked (intentionally or accidentally) from a laboratory in Wuhan because it is true that viruses are created in laboratories*. The one thing that invalidates that theory is that the virus has never been isolated – that is, it has never been extracted from an infected person, purified as a sample (so that only the virus exists), and then proven to create infection and the same set of symptoms in a healthy person. This is known as Rivers’ Postulates (1937) and is the gold standard in proving the existence of a pathogen (an updated version of the earlier Koch’s Postulates). In fact, it has never been proven that any virus exists outside of a petri dish (see the work of German biologist/virologist, Stefan Lanka).

Another huge doozy is the use of PCR tests to confirm infection. PCR tests were not designed to diagnose disease but for use in research laboratories. Furthermore, the inventor of the test, the late Kary Mullis, insisted that tests should not be run over 25 cycles as that could produce false positives; we know (from FOI requests) that test facilities have been running PCR tests at 40 and 45 cycles, meaning that virtually anything can be detected with such high amplification (it even says so in the package insert). This vital information renders the vast majority of tests invalid and brings the whole ‘pandemic’ into question.

In addition to this, doubt has been cast on the notion of contagion. In their book, ‘The Contagion Myth’, Thomas Cowan and Sally Fallon Morell remind us that viral contagion has never been proven but has often been disproven. They state that impure water, processed food, poor lifestyle choices, toxins, electro-sensitivity, the mind and fear all play a role in susceptibility to illness. Many scientists have tried to deliberately infect themselves with pathogens over the years and most (if not all) have been unable to do so. It was initially thought that scurvy (vitamin c deficiency) was contagious because sailors were in such close proximity to each other while travelling for long periods, but it was later discovered that they were all prey to the same conditions of malnourishment.

Freedom of Information requests inform us that there has been no increase in deaths, burials or cremations (England) in the last year and it is now widely known that flu all but disappeared in 2020 (presumably to be replaced with covid cases). And the whole asymptomatic transmission thing – forget it: a contact-tracing study of ten million people in China found zero cases of asymptomatic spread. That’s right, none! (principia-scientific.com, December 2020). Surely it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that our government and media are lying to us once again.

We might not yet be able to unravel the falsehoods of disease but we can certainly look to the truth of nature and health. Eliminating toxins and maintaining a healthy diet, lifestyle and mind should be where we focus our energies and studies. Building networks and connections with likeminded, motivated people should be a priority, too. There’s an abundance of information out there so it’s up to you to find truth that resonates with you. Make sure debates with friends and family are healthy ones and remember to keep that ego in check because we are all on our own voyages of discovery, with different lessons to learn along the way. Develop wholesome habits of mind, body and soul and don’t forget to laugh, play, have fun and take a much-needed break from the heaviness and seriousness of the problems we all face in this current confusing and oppressive climate.

* If no virus has ever been isolated or proven to exist, then what exactly is used in vaccines? In the 1960s and 70s there were countless experiments performed on monkeys that messed about with animal and human viruses, blood and tissue in an attempt to find a ‘transmissible’ cancer. These experiments created new viruses. Some speculate that the HIV virus was borne from such experiments.

For further information on these US government-sanctioned experiments, go to: http://konformist.com/1999/aids/cantwell1.htm and read the work of Alan Cantwell, MD.

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